Coworking in Edinburgh

Are you trying to start or run a business in Edinburgh, or found you’ve relocated and need a flexible workplace? Hot desks and coworking spaces are on the rise in our capital city as small business owners are reaping the cost and networking benefits associated with hot desking and flexible office agreements.

Let’s start with The Melting Pot (an ideal name for a coworking space). This is an attractive and modern looking coworking space situated at 5 Rose Street in Edinburgh. This site has a multitude of facilities with an appealing and creative fresh look.

They operate on monthly payments that you can pick to suit your need but also offer your standard fast wifi, fairtrade coffee, kitchen and shower facilities, networking events and at additional charges, printing, landlines and storage. A £15 half day pass £30 all day pass are also available if you don’t want that monthly commitment and want to test the waters.

With in house IT help and events and engagement coordinators this working space seems to go the extra mile.

If tech is your business you may really benefit from ‘Code Base’ or ‘Tech Cube’. Based at 3 Lady  Lawson street and Summerhill Place respectively, they both cater to the needs and desires of technology focussed businesses. Both offering standard offices (Tech Cube also offer hot desking) events and knowledge of investment and growth. So if your aim is to collaborate and develop your tech reputation these are the places to check out.

Kingsford Office, 26 Dublin Street, is a fairly new coworking office. It boasts all the usual amenities alongside 24 hour access, ultra broadband, events and even table tennis and beer available (for those more creative moments). This office charges a fixed number of days per month (5, 10 or unlimited) which in turn alter the meeting room and locker prices. This may be the choice for you if you organise your working days well each month (and still have time for a table tennis session or two).

Whichever office you find yourself at, make sure it suits your business aims and individual goals and above all… serves great coffee.

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